Yesterday at the office, colleague suddenly iChat me at the office, she said “Indonesia had an earthquake of up to 8.7 magnitude at the region which regularly faced earthquake, and this land experienced the fatal tsunami 2004 where 170,000 were killed. This incident reminded me of the radio program which I listen to every morning where people phone in to speak to 2 pastors about their religious queries and puzzles. Having listened to this program for a while, I notice a lot of questions that people ask about why this and why that – why are there natural disasters, why people suffer from terminal illnesses, why are there political unrest, why racism exist etc etc etc. These questions I did ask why before…but gradually, the more I hear the answers of these 2 experienced pastors, the much more clearer I feel I see now. It’s because we would never know why God does certain things and we won’t understand everything, coz we are not meant to be understanding everything. I now know that is the genuine answer. To truly accept this as an answer, that requires strong faith and belief. This could sound unreasonable to many people out there, as why would they blindly go after some thoughts which they have not seen before or found out the ‘reason’ why. Again I don’t know how these people would ultimately come closer to God, but there would be lessons we see and learn daily, lets hope that we all keep our eyes and hearts open up.

Daily Quote
Then you call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of the Lord. The god who answers by fire—he is God. Then all the people said, “What you say is good.”
1 Kings 18:24

I pray to God that I will be patient in following him in spite of all queries I have in my mind and heart. Just follow, don’t doubt.

Postscript Quote 

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. 


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